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Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005, 01:46 am
lil_ms_drama: See the Young Urban Comedian's Club at the Dallas Comedy Festival!

Dallas has long been a hotbed of comedic talent and now the city celebrates it in full force with the first Dallas Comedy Festival.

All performances and official festival functions will take place in Dallas' historical West End. Venues include The West End Comedy Theatre, Froggy Bottoms, and The Lone Star Room, all located at 603 Munger Avenue (Munger at Market), on the first floor of the West End MarketPlace in World-famous Dallas Alley. There will also be live musical entertainment throughout the weekend on the Market Street Square patio and a hospitality room for participants and sponsors to mingle.

Make your plans now to attend this world class event.

$10 per show
4 tickets for $35
8 tickets for $65

To purchase tickets you may call the DCF box office at 214.880.9990. 
For reservations call 214.880.9990 or use the DCF Contact page.


    8PM - Gag Reflex (Austin) & The Young Urban Comedians’ Club (Houston)

  • FRIDAY - JULY 29

    6PM - The Young Urban Comedians’ Club (Houston)

  • What's Going On?

    Check out the DCF website for info on all the other great acts performing at this monumental event!

    July 27-31, 2005

    Wed, Jul. 27th, 2005, 03:00 am
    kyosukekusanagi: Newbie

    name: Adam
    location: Fort Leavenworth, KS (originally Lake Jackson, TX)
    age: 25 years
    the hawtest part about texas is: the WOMEN!!!
    music: Stevie Ray Vaughan (a true Texan!)

    Fri, Jul. 22nd, 2005, 08:47 am
    lil_ms_drama: Improvaoke!: Final week for DCF benefit & the Young Urban Comedians' Club now offers classes!

    YUCC @ DCF Benefit!
    Come out to Improvaoke! this final week to show your support for your local Houstonian improv troupe's participation in the Dallas Comedy Festival!

    Check out the DCF website for info on all the other great acts performing at this monumental event!

    Improvaoke! informationCollapse )

    And now, the Young Urban Comedians' Club offeres Improv Classes!
    Studio space graciously provided by...

    1103 Chartres Street
    Houston, Texas 77003

    Improv classes beginning September 8th!Collapse )

    Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 07:21 am
    lil_ms_drama: Infinite Improvability and Improvaoke tonight at Ziggy's

    Come see the Young Urban Comedian's Club at Improvaoke tonight at Ziggy's.  First up will be our improvised play by our new House Team Infinite Improvability followed by Improvaoke!  Karaoke for Comedians

    This is still a fundraiser show because we're going to the Dallas Comedy Festival at the end of the month.  Come support your local Houston artists!

    Ziggy's Healthy Grill, 2202 W. Alabama (Greenbriar at Alabama)

    Details behind cutCollapse )

    For further details visit TexasImprov.com or call Cliff at 832-275-5993

    Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005, 07:08 am
    lil_ms_drama: The "Dawn has quit her job so Y.U.C.C. can go to Dallas" Improvaoke! Benefit

    YUCC is going to be at the Dallas Comedy Festival July 28th-29th so we would like to raise some cash for traveling expenses! This is extremely exciting for us because there's not going to be too many groups representing Houston. Please come join us for Improvaoke and help support local non-profit theatre in Houston!

    Here's Improvaoke's informationCollapse )

    For more information or to reserve seating visit TexasImprov.com or call Cliff at 832-630-5828.

    Sat, Jun. 25th, 2005, 01:25 am
    dambo: Dallas, TX (SMU) or Grand Rapids, MI (GVSU)?

    Hello everybody, my name is Damiano and I am a fellow LJer from Italy...well I am now in Florida.

    I was just made an offer to teach Italian at SMU in Dallas, but I have no clue what it is like, what it looks like, what life is like there, and so on...I apologise!

    I have lived in Italy all my life, a semester in France, and the past two years in Gainesville, FL (at the Univ of FL)...I've been to NYC and Boston, and NC and SC, and CA.

    I would love to know what the school is like, what Dallas is like,...anything, really!

    I am 25, easy-going, laid-back, I love sports (soccer, bball, vball, swimming, MTBiking), music (punkrock, hc, indie, britpop,...), nature, traveling and languages of course,...stuff like that.

    I was also made an offer by GVSU in Grand Rapids, MI and I have until Monday to decide...please help me!

    Although the SMU contract is better, I have no clue what the school and city are like, so I am little hesitant so far. Give me your 2 cents TX fans! :)

    Thank you in advance! :)

    Thu, Jun. 23rd, 2005, 11:37 pm
    lil_ms_drama: Improvaoke! continues this Friday at Ziggy's

    Ziggy's Healthy Grill, Greenbriar at Alabama
    Improv games karaoke style

    Details behind cutCollapse )

    Fri, Jun. 17th, 2005, 07:53 am
    lil_ms_drama: Lauren's last Improvaoke! show

    Hey all from Houston who love Improvaoke!

    It's Lauren's last show tonight so if you get a hankerin for some funny and want to say goodbye, please stop in.

    For more information contact Cliff at 832-630-5828 or visit TexasImprov.com

    Full show informationCollapse )

    Thu, Jun. 9th, 2005, 07:12 am
    lil_ms_drama: Improvaoke! Now with long-form improv too!


    Now with long-form improv set!

    Improvaoke! is now new and improved with a long-form improv set!!!

    Our troupe will open with a 20-30 minute improvised play based on your suggestion! No plants or rehearsals! You supply the inspiration for an improvised play!

    Afterwards, you will have a chance to come on stage and play some of the 60-some-odd games in our catalog.

    Other show informationCollapse )

    Fri, Jun. 3rd, 2005, 12:04 am
    lil_ms_drama: Improvaoke!...Karaoke for Comedians AND Mid-Form Improvisation

    Tonight at Improvaoke! we'll be not only doing our traditional 'Karaoke for Comedians' show, but we will be also adding a mid-form improvisation set.

    Long form improvisation is a specialty from Chicago that was brought down here, did a little Texas style tweaking, and opened it up for the masses to enjoy! A mid-form improv set is a 20-30 minute play that we make up on the spot. Yes, what we do is improvise a play for your enjoyment.

    So, come one, come all to see our very own Texas-style twist on a Yankee treat. Everything with a Texas twist is spicier!

    When: Friday June 3rd, 2005; 8pm
    Where: Ziggy's Healthy Grill, Greenbriar at Alabama
    How much?: Only $5

    For more information or to R.S.V.P. call Cliff at 832-630-5828 or visit http://www.texasimprov.com

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